Set against the backdrop of history's most notorious unsolved crime spree in the East End of London, 1888, Ripper is a romantic thriller with a big score, an intricate plot and host of suspicious characters. At the seedy, PennyWise cafe, Mrs. Ratkin performs death-defying illusions for the locals while real murders take place on the streets outside. Reporter Chester Talbot is sent to cover the story for the Daily Telegraph, only to discover that his own past may be intertwined with the performers on stage and the prostitutes upstairs. In this mysterious world, nothing is what it seems as Chester delves deeper into the story, with the ever-present danger of a killer lurking in the shadows.


Something's rotten in Big Bone! Pretty Patty Johnson is thrilled to join the secretarial pool at the Cooney Lumber Mill under the iron-fisted leadership of sultry office manager Susan Curtis. But she soon begins to feel that all is not right—the enforced diet of Slim-Fast shakes, the strange clicking language between the girls, the monthly disappearance of a lumberjack. By the time Patty discovers murder is part of these office killers' skill set, it's too late to turn back! In the guise of satiric exploitation-horror, The Secretaries takes an unflinching look at the warping cultural expectations of femininity.


We Have Apples follows Jane, a quirky nineteen-year-old, who is determined to overcome her mental illness and become a successful writer. Paralyzed by the intensity of Depression, Jane’s illness personified, Jane is forced to check into a psychiatric facility. Frustrated by the childish therapy groups at the facility, Jane and her fellow patients start their own writing group. When a preventable tragedy occurs due to inadequate care, Jane and the patients expose the hospital online and end up turning things upside down both inside and out of the ward.

Auditions for We Have Apples will be January 22nd-24th