Pipe Dreams Studio Theatre Audition Notice August 23 & August 24

 By Laura Eason

Directed by Taylor Blaze Lindemann

4 Men, 2 Women

By Steven Cheslik-DeMeyer, Tim Maner, and Alan Stevens Hewitt

Directed by John Farina

4 Women (Will be double-cast)

Process: You will have two minutes to present a song and monologue. Men will not sing, and women are not required to sing. You may present two monologues.

Monologue: Please prepare a contemporary dramatic monologue that is rooted in action and NOT in storytelling. You may use the same monologue as your Unified audition.

Song: Please select a cut from an up-tempo, female-lead rock song using an artist or band listed below. The keyword here is ROCK. Not pop. Please select a song that will showcase your vocal range without strain. 

• Heart • Bikini Kill • The Runaways • Paramore • Evanescence• Halestorm • The Pretty Wreckless * Sleater-Kinney • The Donnas • Flyleaf • Garbage • Pat Benatar • Tonight Alive • Blondie • Hey Monday • Babes in Toyland • Deap Vally • Icon For Hire • Yeah Yeah Yeahs • Hole • Avril Lavigne

Questions? Email John Farina at jfarina@millikin.edu